New Version TAMALE SOAP - 6 oz
New Version TAMALE SOAP - 6 oz

I am so excited to re-release this special soap the menu. This soap has a very special meaning, it’s my way to show my family that I can make tamales (The Glo Girl way of course) This soap was first launched on our site in 2011 and was a top seller! We have revised and perfected the realism of this soap bar and are happy to re-launch this new version. 

It’s always been a Christmas tradition in my family...all the women gather together in the kitchen to make TAMALES...............hundreds of them. (If you're a GLO Girl fan than you know my story.....I can't cook) Anyhow, its no big secret to my family either, its actually the running JOKE! I am not allowed to contribute to the actual mixing or real making of the tamales - I have been DEMOTED and I am the official "corn husk wrapper", which I think is the most important part - Presentation is everything, Right?

Well this year my family is in for a special treat. I will show them that I CAN make tamales and the great things about this type of Tamale........Uncle Pepé  aka "Gordo" won't have to worry about adding on the extra pounds this year! 

 These tamales look so real you wont believe its soap. Each soap is the same size as handmade Tamale and they are individually wrapped in real corn husks (Yes, by ME the corn husk wrapping queen). So, surprise your family this holiday and bring them the Glo Girl Tamales, its a great way to stay on that holiday diet.






Scent:Chili Mango
Sriracha Rose
Litchi Rose
Agua De Pepini (Cucumber Limeade)
Adua De Sandia (Watermelon)
Mango Shaved Ice
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Mangonada (Chamoyada)

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