Glo Girl Body Products Inc is an exclusive line of body products created for the girly girl in all of us!


 All of our products are made-to- order and created by hand with the finest quality ingredients. From start to finish every detail is perfected personally by our team to create flawless finished, fun and decadent bath and body treats.  We guarantee that our products come to you fresh and haven’t been sitting on shelves for months!



Our products look and smell good enough to eat but trust us, they don’t taste very good (ask our kids). Our products are a guilt free indulgence and perfect diet for every BODY! Try the Glo Girl DIET, we promise you'll love it! With our diet you can enjoy sweets, have as many as you want, this is one diet you wont ever stray from and your body will thank you for it!

What started as a fun joke among close girlfriends, Owner, Creators & Beauty Baker, Amber took her bath treats and grown it into an overnight success. After years of hearing her girlfriends complain about their fluctuating weight and tired of seeing them skip out on a slice of their children's birthday cakes,  Amber decided to create a BAKERY her girlfriends could come to everyday, without feeling guilty. 


After motherhood, it seemed metabolism just wasn't the same and everyone was watching our waistlines. She would go out to dinners and skip dessert which used to be our favorite course (Before kids).  It was from many evenings out like this, that Glo Girl Body Products was created. A dream to create sugary sweets that everyone could enjoy and indulge in without ever feeling guilty or worrying about whether or not we would fit into our skinny jeans.

Since 2004, Glo Girl Body Products   has blossomed, launching into the spa industry gaining the attention of many fine spas/salons/boutiques. Our products are being used in over 300 locations nationwide, in addition to Puerto Rico, Guam and Kuwait we continue to grow. We've hired a close team to help create our fabulous collection of all of our favorite treats. The best thing about these treats, you can have as many as you like……we promise, you wont gain a pound with our sweets!

We believe that you can turn an ordinary bath into a sweet retreat with our delicious bakery collection. The best thing about or goodies……you can indulge all you want they are guilt & calorie free.


All of our products are made by hand and topped off with our girly girl customized packaging. We produce new batches of products on a daily basis as the orders come in. We do not use harsh mineral oils or petroleum products and we would never add harsh additives. We will NEVER purchase ingredients from companies who test on animals as we would NEVER test on animals……unless you consider boyfriends and kids animals. We always source as many natural ingredients as possible and we use lots of natural oils, butters, herbs and botanical's. Most of our products contain a mild preservative when needed. The preservative is used to keep the scrumptious goodness in and all of the icky stuff that could grow, OUT!  


The scents we offer are fun and unique and we do our best to use as many natural ingredients as possible however , due to the synthetic/fragrances in most of our bakery treats we can not call them 100% natural.


What makes our products different?
Our products are eco friendly, cruelty free good for your skin Products are made fresh as you order them, not taken off a shelf. We use no mineral oil or petroleum products. Many of the products are paraben-free No SD Alcohol, No harsh additives. Our products are available fragrance free but they are not as fun that way.

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