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February 2014: 


Apple Bottom: A luscious blend of assorted apples: red, green and yellow. The result is a freshly picked apple scent with fabulous depth and just a hint of complexity.

Chocolate Bacon Cupcake: We're putting a whole new spin on "bringing home the bacon" wonderful blend of mildly smoked bacon dipped in rich milk chocolate, topped on a freshly baked chocolate cupcake, loaded with thick chocolate frosting and drizzled with sticky sweet caramel glazed bacon… Is your mouth watering yet?

Coffee Ice-Cream: Sweet buttery cream, laced with smooth Brazilian coffee to entice the senses. Hints of brown sugar and cocoa powder add delightful richness to the creamy vanilla base, blending into the perfect ice cream treat! This is truly a delightful scent! 

Ice-Cream Sundae: Now you can enjoy in the goodness of a yummy ice-cream treat, without the worries of calories. This fragrance is a mouth-watering chocolate fudge, blended with hints of Banana, whipped cream and vanilla, ending in light notes of  cherry Enjoy the richness, and the lack of calories.

Pizza Parlor:  Just the right blend of stewed tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, a touch of oregano – perfectly balanced scent for the glo girl/guy who's a little on the adventurous side. 

Sweetie Pie:  Sweet butter cookies crumbles, yummy sweet frosting dripping with sweet cherries, candied fruits mixed with loads of confectioners sugar and sweet sugar crystal sprinkles, hints of juicy pink bubble gum, gooey marshmallow cream and sticky, sweet vanilla taffy.....Once whiff of this fragrance, you'll fall in love! This is beyond yummy!  This is a fabulous sweet treat everyone will LOVE! 

Watermelon Lemonade: Just in time for summer, one more lemonade to add to our stand! This refreshing blend of fresh cut watermelon squares stirred in with tangy lemon slices,  topped off with sweet sugar! This is one yummy scent! 

Let me see that tootsie roooooll: A luscious blend of fudge, caramel, chocolate and vanilla.. this scent will take you back to the good ol days, when unwrapping a chocolate sweets was a treat! .

My Milkshake brings all the boys: This yummy fragrance smells just like a creamy, sweet pink strawberry milkshake.

Powdered Sugar:  OOh so sweet and yummy! A nostalgic blend with hints of musk, sugar, and loads of sweet vanilla! This super sweet sensation smells like fluffy sweetness! 

Truffle Shuffle: Never have to worry about jiggling with this treat. You can lift your shirt, slather on this goodness,  indulge in the sweetness...without gaining a pound. This scent starts with deep, rich and exotic, Dark Chocolate blended with a silky smooth milk chocolate, ending with an absolutely sensual and indulgent chocolate fragrance. 


Added February 2013:

Boys Chase Girls: This adorably sweet scent will remind you of your younger years, playing the fun game of chase on the playground. Now that we're older....we still play the game...but our playground has expanded. This fragrance starts with baby blue sugar crystals , whisped into a pink frosted cupcake, topped off with a fluffy marshmallow swirl!Yummy

Cinnamon Toast: This fragrance blends a combination of fresh bread, straight from the toaster, smothered in butter and covered with sweet sugar crytstals and cinnamon. Yummy!!

Champagne Toast to Single-hood: Valentine's Day is not just for lovers!  Pop this bottle of sparkling bubbles! This fragrance is a special blend celebrating no drama, no fighting, and no worries.......Cheers to single-hood! Our fragrance blends the crisp scent of champagne combined with tangy grapefruit, sugary champagne grapes and deep, sweet plum.

Chocolate Milk: A childhood favorite. Just like the yummy chocolate milk you used to drink when you were a kid.

Devils Food Cake: a super sweet, moist, airy, rich chocolate, layer cake, smothered in creamy chocolate frosting.

First Date: Just as good as a first date, which some of us can't even remember....but if we could, this is how we would picture the perfect ending to a first date. Fresh, succulent, juicy strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. 

Passion Paradise: A passion-filled blend of Sugary blackberry, luscious strawberry intertwined with sweet apricot nectar and vanilla orchid.

Kiss It Goodbye: Just as sensual as your last kiss..... this fragrance has a touch of Mirabella plum, black raspberry, sultry amber, lush peony, vanilla bean, musk and sweet spun cotton candy. This is one scent that will leave you longing for more...Yum!

It's a Hard One: We could not come up with a good name for this fragrance blend...with help from our friend "Guy" ... we read him the description and he replied "that's a hard one".... the name stuck! This yummy scent starts with an indulgent, sticky caramel fragrance, wrapped into thick dulce de leche base, with a sugar shot of hardened sugar crystals. For a fabulous sweet ending. 

House Party: While sitting around the table my girlfriends and I started reminiscing about "The Good Ol days" and the smells that take us back in time....No need to say more...we'd be aging ourselves. Open this fragrance, take a whiff......flashing DJ lights, loud music, no parents, and a house filled with friends.... this GG exclusive scent is blended with hits of fruity wine coolers, drakkar cologne, aqua net hairspray, and last but not least subtle little hints of beer kegs. Oh Boy we're back in the early 90's all over again!

I Kissed a Girl: Yup, this fragrance smells just like cherry chapstick! 

Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates: Just like opening a pretty, heart shaped box of assorted chocolates. Our scrumptious fragrance blends hints of rich milk chocolate, sprinkled with deep dark chocolate ending in a creamy white chocolate. This is a mouthwatering fragrance filled with goodness!  

Shirley Temple (Kids Drink): Growing up we used to think we were so cool, drinking these! A tall glass of 7-up, stirred with grenadine and topped with a super sweet Maraschino cherry! 

Roy Rogers (Kids Drink): This was always the boys version of the Shirley Temple. This fragrance smells just like fresh from the fountain cool refreshing soda, blended with grenadine and topped with a  sweet Maraschino cherry!  Such a fun fragrance that will take you make down memory lane.

Strawberry Kisses:  This yummy blend starts with hints of fresh picked strawberries, dipped in fluffy

Teachers Pet: A collection of different types of juicy apples; crisp red, tart green and sweet yellow blended into one yummy scent.

True Loves Bliss: A deliciously sweet candy apple, blend with dash of concord grape and soft vanilla bean.

Vanilla Latte: This yummy fragrance captures the true aroma of a creamy vanilla latte. Rich, full-bodied espresso blended with creamy steamed milk and rich vanilla syrup are a perfect balance to create this perfect body treat!

Wonderland: Luscious strawberries, blended with wild goji berries, juicy ripe raspberry, sweet gardenia petals, Frosted Jasmine, sugary peach nectar, white Amber, creamy coconut musk, vanilla sugar.

Added June 2013 -

Many of the new JUNE fragrance blends were created for our "You've got to be kidding me" scent line. These are unique, yet fun scents... for someone daring to be different. These fragrances do well in our candles, MANdles, and bar soaps. 

Gamer: Do you know someone who spends hours in-front of the TV playing video games? Sick and tired of the wasted time?  Ever wish you could just blow the game system up!? Hmmm… Although, burning up the game system might be a pricey gamble….. this fragrance might fix it!  One sniff of this scent and it will have them in a panic! Yes,  this scent was blended to smell just like burnt electrical wires! This works well in a candle….. and also a great gag scent for the man who loves the smell of electronics! Ha! 

Condom…aka Trojan man: This one smells like a one night stand…. A HARD to make fragrance… but we did it….all synthetic, rubbery and ohhh so unique. Hey, could be worse…. Could smell like baby powder (wink, wink)

Hood-Rat Tagger: The expressive nose-tingling scent of freshly sprayed paint on a brick wall -- enhanced with an edgy effervescent melon accord for a bold and beguiling fragrance.

Injured Athlete: We've all smelt this one....Vick's type or Hall's type like, camphor and vaporous. Smells just like the creamy ointment the athletes smother on. 

Golf Course: Very green and grassy, with deeper elements of wood and earth.

Candied Yams: Thick, gooey, marshmallow covered sweet potatoes -- just like mom used to make

Swimming Pool: Ahhhh yes, we all remember this smell! In fact some of us grew up smelling like this all summer! When we were little girls, a dip in the pool was equal to a shower (in our eyes). Yep, the scent of chlorinated water.

Red Bull & Vodka: Need we say more… you all know what this smells like….Sparkling, high-energy tang with a citrus kick!

Stripper Stiletto Heels: Synthetic smelling, slightly rubbery, slightly plastic concoction -- think patent leather.

Playground: Oh the good ol days! Smells just like a childhood memory…..Playing outside until the street lights came on….  grass and dirt, with bitter dry woods.

Salt Water Taffy: Old fashioned candy, pulled sweet with just a hint of salt.

Sharpie Marker: We at Glo Girl HATE to admit this one…. But we LOVE sniffing markers! Sooooo much so that we created a fragrance to smooth our craving! HA Yep, this smells just like a sharpie marker!

Snowcone: A fun fragrance inspired by the flavors of the popular snowcone -- sweet strawberry, apricot, peach, candied banana. 

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