Unicorn Kisses Treatment Kit
Unicorn Kisses Treatment Kit

Start this mystical journey ... this treatment is a rainbow of delicious treats, such as sugared strawberry, sweet peach, ripe raspberry and cotton candy ohh and a hint of glittery goodness!.

You or your client will start this relaxing experience by dipping your toes into our signature blend of bubbling bath candy. A rainbow of colors and glitter... fit for a princess. Next, you with be smothered in the sweet sugary goodness of our signature Sugar Baby Body Scrub... a creamy mix of shea and cocoa butter which will turn into a creamy lotion once it is blended with water. Last you will be wrapped in a fluffy cloud of a whipped body souffle.. leaving you silky smooth and smelling yummy! 

12 oz - Rainbow Unicorn Kisses Bath Candy 

10 oz - Sugar Baby Body Scrub - Scented in Unicorn Kisses 

4 oz or 8 oz Whipped Body Souffle 


Each of our kits has enough product for 8-10 pedicures (this depends on your usage of measuring for each treatment. 


Whipped Souffle Size:

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