Nightmare/ Monster Banishing Potion Spray 10 oz
Nightmare/ Monster Banishing Potion Spray 10 oz


I almost called this spray "Mommy needs sleep spray" but then I remembered this was supposed to be for the kids. (Wink, Wink)


My older son used to find every excuse in the book to sleep in my bed,  He would show up at the edge of my bed, just as I had started to fall asleep off,  Mom.........I think I hear something under my bed and I need to sleep with you. Thirty minutes later after I've checked every door and drawer, he's all tucked in and I'm finally falling asleep, MOM!!!!! .........I just had a nightmare; I think I just need to sleep with you. After years of broken sleep and me giving in....and waking up like I'd been in an accident from the endless kicking!!! I decided I need to do something......I needed to sleep!!!! I decided it was time to banish the bumps in the night. I secretly concocted a wonderful potion that’s become very popular over the years. 


I am happy to report that my son is now 19 year old AND he sleeps through the night. He now wears his banishing potion as a body spray (cologne scented of course)


Make the scary thoughts, nightmares and monsters go away with our kids approved banishing spray. Believe us, it works!!!!   

Monster Spray is all natural and contains essential oils that helps promote sleep in restless children. Just spray a little where the monsters hide or all around the room just to be sure.


We also offer banishers in other yummy scents, although we use the same natural ingredients - we can't call then "all natural" due to the synthetic fragrances. They would never harm your child, but are scented with man made fragrance oils (Most sweet fun oils are man made)



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