**NEW** Sweet Latina Treatment Kit (Horchata, Chocolate Churro, Mexican Fried Ice-Cream and Caramel Flan)
**NEW** Sweet Latina Treatment Kit (Horchata, Chocolate Churro, Mexican Fried Ice-Cream and Caramel Flan)

A Glo Girl Body Products, Inc - Exclusive, Signature TREATMENT! 

This was such a fun one to create! All of the Latina sweets rolled into one treatment kit! This has been a top seller 

*As with all of our kits this can be formulated for personal Bath and body or Manicures and Pedicures 

It's been a minute... but we've been asked to create a few new treatments for a fun beauty bar in Southern California.

***As with all of our kits, these can be formulated for Mani/Pedi's or Bath/Body - However, our kit descriptions are labeled for spa's & salon treatment protocols

Glo Girl Body Products, Inc - SWEET LATINA (TREATMENT KIT)
One of our favorites The "Sweet Latina" - This fun Mani/Pedi treatment begins by dipping your feet into a creamy, horchata milk bath. Our "Horchata Silk Syrup Soak" is blended organic coconut milk, honey, cinnamon powder, and almond milk, leaving you with silky smooth, nourished, and hydrated skin. Next you will slather on our signature Glo Girl Sugar Scrub. As with all of our scrubs, they are a thick blended mixture made with Shea and Cocoa butters. Our scrubs are absolutely amazing, they spread on thick like frosting but when used with water, they emulsify into a creamy butter, leaving you so soft and silky. You choose between our "Chocolate Churro Sugar Scrub" (Made with Cocoa Absolute) or our "Mexican Deep Friend Ice-Cream Sugar Scrub" (Blended with Crushed Organic Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Bean Extracts), Last you will smother on our mouthwatering Caramel Flan Whipped Body Souffle. Our Body Frosting Souffle is simply amazing! Made with pure Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter & Silk Amino acids leaving your skin soft and smooth. Your skin will drink in this luxurious whipped soufflé moisturizer loaded with natural emollients, botanicals, and hydrolyzed silk amino acids. This thick cream is a real pleasure to apply leaving no greasy after feel - only soft, velvety feeling skin.

Kit Includes:
8 oz - Horchata Silk Syrup MILK Soak
10 oz - Chocolate Churro OR Mexican Friend Ice-Cream Sugar Scrub
4 oz - Whipped Body Frosting Souffle - Caramel Flan
Choose Sugar Scrub:Chocolate Churro (Made with 100% Cocoa Absolute)
Mexican Fried Ice-Cream (Blended w/ Crushed Vanilla Bean & Vanilla Bean Extract)

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