It was during a "Girls Night In"......the time we glo girls use to brainstorm (without the boys) on new product ideas.


We were just started on our second bottle of wine when our husbands came home and crashed our party! After overhearing us talk about upcoming product plans, they started complaining that our products were all about girlie fragrances and focused too much on women. They refused to be guinea pigs unless we came up with products they could appreciate testing. They didn’t believe we could do it; they gave us some pretty wild ideas and wanted to see if we could come up with a line a MAN would be interested in - Here you go guys! Eat your hearts out!


All of our manly candles come hand poured in glass containers (cocktail type glass) or tins.


Trashy Manly Candles - Manajatua (3 or more scents)
Trashy Manly Candles - Manajatua (3 or more scents)


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