Golden Ticket Chocolate Pedicure
Golden Ticket Chocolate Pedicure

Our kid’s absolutely love Willy as a fun way to lure them into the bathtub we thought we would create a fun interactive bath treat that would make them feel as though they were actually part of the chocolate treat!




Just like Willy Wonka, we too have the golden ticket to a child’s favorite treat....only difference can't eat ours. You can smother yourself silly in our delicious chocolate treat.


1: Become a chocolatier by adding a couple of scoops of our chocolate powder to any basin or tub. Soak in a rich bath of soothing, Belgian milk chocolate. Our chocolate powder is enriched with sea salts, cocoa seed butter and vitamin E. Watch as your basin water turns into a tub of pure milk chocolate - Just like the thick and creamy stream from the movie! But this time you'll get to soak in it - you'll come out with the smoothest, silkiest skin ever.

2: Soaking in chocolate just isn’t enough..... Next you will slather your skin with our delightful chocolate scrub; it’s rich and creamy and blended with real cocoa. Our scrub smells so good you'll wish you could eat it!

3: Next you will slather your skin with a thick, chocolate whipped body soufflé which will leave your skin looking good and smelling sweet.


This kit includes:

-10 oz Silk Syrup Soak

-10 oz Sugar Baby Shea Scrub 

-  4 oz Whipped Body Soufflé


*As an added special this fun kit also includes 12 chocolate soap bon-bons wrapped in golden foil. These little chocolate treats can be an added step to bath time fun or if you choose to use this as a pedicure, it’s an extra pampering step or a fun take-home gift for your clients to enjoy.*


*All of the products in our kits can be used for Body Treatments or Bath Treats*



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