Ice-Cream Sundae Pedicure (Banana Split) 6 Steps
Ice-Cream Sundae Pedicure (Banana Split) 6 Steps


This is one of our most popular and most complete treatment kits. This kit includes a fun, full range of  our products. This kit can be made one of two ways.

Option #1

·     Our signature Glo Girl Banana Split fragrance is used throughout the entire treatment protocol. Our Banana Split fragrance is so delicious! It has all of the wonderful hints of a real banana split blended into one fragrance. I could not believe how wonderful this scent was – it has every hint, the bananas, chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, you can even smell the whipped crème of course the cherry on-top. All three steps of your pedicure would be all one fragrance.

·     Option #2 (you can also create your own unique sundae)

1. Treatment would begin with dipping your toes into a banana silk syrup foot soak. Our soak is blended with silk amino acids along with banana fruit fibers which have antibacterial properties that help maintain healthy feet/skin.

2. Add sprinkles to your Sundae by adding a scoop of our yummy bubbling bath sprinkle sea salt (You choose the fragrance)

  3. Your feet will be slathered in an ice-cream scented sugar scrub (Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry, or scent of your choice).

  4. Brush on a thick moisturizing foot & leg masque (you choose your flavor: Marshmallow, Chocolate, Strawberry or Caramel) 

  5. Legs and feet will be topped off with a sweet whipped cream scented soufflé.

        6.  No Sundae is complete without a cherry! Add a spray or two of our sweet sugar shot (Dry oil body spray) maraschino cherry scented, which would be applied as the last step to this treatment leaving your clients skin silky soft and smelling yummy!



  8 oz - Silk Syrup Soak

10 oz - Bath Candy Sprinkles

10 oz - Sugar Baby Body Scrub

  6 oz - Masque

  4 oz - Whipped Body Frosting Soufflé

  2 oz - Sugar Shot


**PLEASE NOTE: There are two options**


- $65.00 - which is a Non-customized plan and uses our banana split fragrance used throughout the entire treatment line


- $70.00 - You customize, this allows you to choose the scents for your treatment steps.

Pedicure Treatment Choice:
Step 2 Sprinkles:Option 1
Sweet Sugar
Bubble Gum
Cotton Candy
Step 3 Sugar Scrub:
Step 4 Leg Masque:Option 1
Marshmallow Fluff
Step 5 Whipped Souffle:
Step 6 Sugar Shot:
Type your custom scents here:
Choose your application:For Manicures and Pedicures
For Bath and Body Treatments

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