Gummy Worm Mud Pie Pedicure

No digging in the dirt is required for this fun and fabulous treatment. This is a sweet way us Girlie Girls and Boys go digging for worms.




This wonderfully fun kit includes a delicious mix that makes a perfect mud pie pedicure. This treatment starts off by pampering your toes into a bubbly tub of sweet silky scent of crushed Oreo cookie foot soak. Yes, this portion of the pedicure smells just like real Oreo cookies, featuring our chocolate Oreo cookie fizzy soak, which is a combination of dead sea salt blended with chocolate chunks (as an added step, this kit also comes with Oreo Cookie shaped soap 6 pcs). Next we will pamper little feet with our sugar fluff sugar scrub scented in fruity gummy worm. Our sugar fluff scrub is a light whipped sugar scrub which makes for a less abrasive scrub and perfect for little girls and boys (and big girls & boys too). Last your feet will be tickled with our chocolate pudding whipped body soufflé.  This kit also includes 12 Gummy worm soaps that can be added into the treatment at anytime!



This kit includes:

-12 oz Oreo Cookie Crush Bath Candy Soak Sprinkles

-10 oz Fruity Gummy Worm Scented Whipped Body Fluff  

-  4 oz Chocolate Pudding Whipped Body Soufflé

- 6 Oreo Cookie Soaps 

- 12 Gummy Worm Soaps 


*All of the products in our kits can be used for Body Treatments or Bath Treats*



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