Hot Chocolate Treat Box - 4 Steps
Hot Chocolate Treat Box - 4 Steps

Hot Chocolate (Great for winter but fun for summer too – Read below)


This is a top seller for big girls and little girls too. This is a perfect treatment for fall or winter days and a wonderful way to end a long day of holiday shopping. Sit back, close your eyes and relax as you soak your toes in a bath of warm hot cocoa silk soak. A few minutes into soaking, your nail tech will add a marshmallow bath bomb which released skin softening ingredients and oils for an extra pampering treat. This soak smells so wonderful, you’ll want to lean over and drink the water…but it would taste very good!  After soaking, your feet/hands are smothered in our warming chocolate scrub that heats when applied to the skin. This pampering treatment ends with massaging a topping of our warm marshmallow body soufflé.


Iced Mocha: This treatment can also be a fun summer treat by offering this as a iced mocha treat. This treatment is perfect for hot summer days, dip your tired, heat swollen feet into a cool tub of Iced Mocha (You can actually add a few ice-cubes to a luke warm basin of water)  It would include the same steps, however, the marshmallow bath bomb would be replaced with a whipped cream scented bomb. (You can also think about adding onto this treatment by treatment can also include a chocolate leg masque or wrap. Along with a sweet Sugar Shot (Dry body Oil) to top off this tantalizing treatment)

*All of the products in our kits can be used for Body Treatments and/or Bath Treats*

Sugar Scrub Scent :Hot Cocoa
Peppermint Cocoa
Soak Syrup Scent :Hot Cocoa
Peppermint Cocoa
Whipped Souffle Scent :Marshmallows
Whipped Cream
Mini Bubbling Bath Bombs :Marshmallow
Whipped Cream Scented

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